A video of one of my singles - "Bill" - which was released in 1975 and Hit-Picked by Tony Blackburn.

Recently a lovely young girl called Kerith in Brisbane, Australia put two of my singles onto You Tube.  Both of these were recorded by me as "Patti and The Patettes" and their titles are "Bill" and "Summer Heartbreak".

Because of the interest that has been sparked around my name, people have been asking "Who is Patti and The Pattettes?" So my husband Tony who is a great video editor has put this video together for me of my single "Bill". This is only the first video I will be adding loads more info, pictures, videos, audio tracks, press clippings and more as time permits.  

We will be adding to this web site and updating the info on a regular basis for those folk who have a genuine interest in my career from the past through to the present day.

Thanks for watching!
Patti x

Here's my next single after "Bill" - "Summer Heartbreak".  Written by the legendary Daniel Boon, Summer Heartbreak was released by United Artists in 1976.  For reasons beyond my understanding the record company decided that a song about lost love from a summer holiday should be released in the spring!

We had a lot of fun putting the visuals together for this video, so I hope you enjoy it.  If you do, I'd be thrilled if you told all your friends. Oh, and Linda -- you have a starring role!

Thanks for watching, Patti x

Here's an appearance of mine from BBC TV in November 1979. It was recorded live at Blackpool ABC Theatre.