A 5 minute medley of some of my favourite live clips containing Ruby Tuesday, He Believes In Me, Lilac Wine, and The Way We Were.

First TV.jpg

My very first single - Paper Dreams.  I recorded this in 1968 under the name Pattie Lane on the Polydor label. I was so embarrassed recording this that the producer had to give me a piece of rope to twist between my hands to help me with the crying parts!  The 'little girl' voice style of this track was requested by the studio.

My second single, Mouth - this time with Decca. It was written by Sandie Shaw and her then husband Jeff Banks (who later became famous in the 1980's with The Clothes Show). When I walked into the recording studio I was amazed to see Herbie Flowers (Blue Mink, T-Rex, Sky) on bass, Elton John's drummer Nigel Olsson (on drums, unsurprisingly), and the UK's most famous pedal steel guitarist, B J Cole completing the line up; all there to play for little old me!

BBC Midland Radio Orchestra

BBC Midland Radio Orchestra

This is one of my favourite BBC Midland Radio Orchestra tracks. Not a great recording unfortunately, as it came off a damaged cassette, but still worth putting up here, I think.

One Singular2.jpg

This comes from my album, and it's a track I enjoyed singing.  I also performed it for television in full Top Hat and Tails regalia with 12 dancers on a BBC variety show recorded at the BBC's Shepherds Bush studios.

Norrie Paramor

Norrie Paramor

Another BBC Midland Radio Orchestra track, conducted by the legendary Norrie Paramor (Cliff Richard). I love the unusual arrangement of this song, plus the meaningful lyrics and the gentle flow of the melody.  This Bacharach and David composition was originally written as a promotional track for a 1963 film of the same name, and has been sung by many great singers over the ages.  I like everything about it.


This somewhat obscure song was the B side of Sylvia Vrethammar's hit 'Y Viva Espana' in some countries. I heard Sylvia sing it when I worked with her and I asked if she'd mind me recording it. Once again, great lyrics and a beautiful melody.

The Hungry Years was a Neil Sedaka song from an album of the same name.  I'm a sucker for poignant lyrics!


Another obscure song, this was written by the lovely Diane Solomon, and recorded with her permission, although my arrangement is quite different to her original. I loved the song so much that I made it the title song of my album.

I thought it was about time that I included an up-tempo number, and this Lerner and Lane composition is one that I just love to sing.

Too Much Love was the B side to Summer Heartbreak.  Written by Brian Savin (BBC, BRMB, Saga, Savin Productions) and Ed Mathews, it's a happy, bouncy track which has proved quite popular on the Northern Soul circuit.