My Inspiration

The inspiration to start this website came from the interest people on the internet were suddenly showing in me!

My husband went onto Google a couple of weeks ago and just for fun put one of my singles into the search bar. We were both amazed to find it on YouTube!  A young lady by the name of Kerith Louisa Williams-Catton from Brisbane collects Northern Soul and she not only had "Bill" by Patti and the Patettes but had a second single of mine called "Summer Heartbreak", both of which can be found in the Media section of this website.

Following a bit more Googling I discovered that I was also on two compilation albums, one of which was released in 2009 and is called "The Girls Are At It Again - UK Beat Girls 1964-1969", and the other being "Piccadilly Sunshine, Vol. 17".

Kerith bought her singles on the Gold Coast in Australia and both she and others have been looking for information on Patti and the Patettes to no avail. I wrote and thanked her for posting my singles but in turn she thanked me for my music which she said she thoroughly enjoys. The fact that we are in contact with one another all down to my music makes it even more special to me.

So... I got myself onto Facebook and YouTube and then decided to make this website.  I do hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for reading,
Patti x

Posted on April 18, 2014 .